• Aanshi Raghava

Making mistakes is the Nature....

Updated: May 30, 2020

The reality of life is that we all make mistakes. Possibly we could be making some serious mistakes in our life, especially in the zeal of youth.

What amuses me the most is the fact that LIFE allows us to correct those mistakes.

The ones which can't be corrected, comes with some set of consequences, and for them we need our support system to handle it, sometimes we don't even have a reversibility as an option...

To this I would drop few lines:

"Making mistakes is a part of our Nature,

Acceptance of mistakes shows our Culture(our values),

Correcting mistakes decides our Stature..."

A progressive life can only be attained if we are ready to accept and correct our mistakes. I am sure it isn't something that is so easy to attain, sometimes acceptance is such a big part that correcting never comes into picture. But, once we accept to ourselves, about the mistakes we have made, I am sure accepting in front of others and taking corrective measure becomes way easy.

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