• Aanshi Raghava

In search of "PEACE"

Peace is something we all crave for just like food, air, and water. For years, I have been taught number philosophies by spiritual gurus, my mom, my other family members regarding peace and how to achieve the same.

But I have always wondered, if this would have been so simple, why is it people are craving for it? Why aren’t they at peace? Is it proportional to money, achieving dreams, or in context to any external development?

Then, one fine day while I was sitting at the corner of the flowing river, I was looking around and found a peace of paper, it was from some book, kind of torn out but still part of it was readable.

“Inner peace comes from within.” This was the only statement that was completely visible, rest was all in parts, and as tried to make sense of it, I realized that it was from some self help book and may be, the author is talking about “PEACE”.

Often, when we achieve something or solve a problem, we experience a moment of peace, but I believe that it is very short lived, kind of unstable. Since, sooner or later we again start our journey to achieve more.

Inner Peace is something that dwells within. As stated by Buddha- “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Probably, if we know how to tackle our desires, thoughts, and mind, we can achieve what is called inner peace. To my understanding, desires are one of the major root causes of suffering and understanding that withing our mind we have a solution will help us to cut down our sufferings. There are various ways that people are practicing achieving their best state of mind like meditation, mindfulness, Pranayams, etc.

Bring your attention to your inner self, breathe, relax, and enjoy the beauty around.

May you attain inner peace!!!!

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