• Aanshi Raghava

Cutting of the branches.....

We are completely made to fly, to live by the inconceivable potential that we as a whole have been contributed with. In any case, frequently, we sit on our branches sticking to the things that are natural to us. Staying stuck in our customary ranges of familiarity and not moving a piece. Not ready to wander out, not ready to face challenges and learn.

Narrating a small story….

“My Grandma used to recite a story of Hawk, who would not move a bit, regardless of how diligently his mentor attempted. He continued pushing, yet hawk didn't move. Afterward, he met a wood cutter and talked about his distress with him. Promptly, he got up and cut the branch on which bird was sitting. Mentor was astounded to see, Hawk began flying high.”

The possibilities are endless but for most of us, they remain undiscovered; because we continue to conform to the familiar, to the comfortable, to the mundane. So, for the most part our life remains mediocre instead of exciting, thrilling and fulfilling.

We have to comprehend the branch that is holding us from flying high, the dread that is halting us and the shortcoming that is repressing our development…. Except if, we cut the branches we are sticking to, we can never fly, never take off, never accomplish more current statures.

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